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Dalaman to Ölüdeniz

Dalaman Airport -> Fethiye Ölüdeniz
79.98 £

0 Child Seat (Change)
Child Seat
* Select Beverage (Change)
Free Drinks 0 (Change)
Bottle Water - £0

Alcoholic Drinks 0 (Change)
Efes Beer - £2.99
Tuborg Beer (50cl) - £2.99

Soft Drinks 0 (Change)
Fanta Orange (33cl) - £1.50
Coca Cola (33cl) - £1.50

Snacks 0 (Change)
Deli2go Sandwich (Cheese&onion) - £3.99

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Dalaman to Ölüdeniz

  We offer you private and luxury travel from Dalaman to Ölüdeniz. We don't use usual taxis, we use only luxury vehicles as Mercedes or similar kind of vehicles. We charge per vehicle NOT per person. 

  Dalaman to Ölüdeniz transfer distance is 60 km. About 38 miles and it takes about 75 minutes drive, ofcourse depends on traffic. Our journey is non stop unless, you like to stop for a quick break for a smoke or toilet.

Included in price;
We offer you FREE, welcome drinks, lcd tv with latest movies, music clips or cartoons for kids, baby seat if needed. Fully insurance, professional drivers and 24/7 customer service.

How do I pay?
Book now pay when you arrive your hotel as British Sterling.

How do I book?
Please fill the booking form and follow the instractions. if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch FREE from WhatsApp +90 532 565 3948

How can I see other customers reviews?
To see previous customers reviews.



1) Arriving Turkiye on any hour of the day or any day of the week. Is it same price?

No it is not same price. There is a peak pricing. Arriving on (16:00-04:00) Monday, thursday and saturday night there is a extra  charge of £10 per car for both ways (return) in total. Same as UK 

2) Do you charge per person or per car?

We charge per car. Price on the sign, is off peak pricing and included up to family of 5 person.

3) Do I pay in full for both ways on arrival?

This is a special price for booking return (Both ways) and paying for both ways. When you arrive your hotel. Please pay for both ways to save £10. Our driver will give you a offical ticket, for you to prove, that you paid in full for both ways. Or we'll send you email that you paid in full for both ways. If you wish to pay for each way separately, you are welcome to do so. To pay each way, you must book each way separately To book each way, will cost you extra £5 more.

One way (single) private transfer £39.99 Return private transfer £69.98

4) What happens if there is a delay on flight?

Long as, you inform us, there is a delay, and let us know the new arrival time we will be happily waiting for you with no extra charge. But if you don't let us know there is delay, driver will wait 1 hour for free. Then every extra hour delay will cost you £5 becouse of airport car park cost.

5) Do you charge for child seat?

No, Child seat is free

6) Where do I meet you?

Our driver will be waiting on meeting point just after main exit, with a sign your name written on.

7) How do I pay? Can I pay via Credit card?

No card payment. Please pay cash as British Sterling.

8) Is it non stop drive?

Yes it is non stop drive unless if you want us to stop for WC or smoking break.

9) Can we stop on the way to a restaurant or a shop for shopping?

No sorry, no time for such a break. Vehicle is booked for other customers, We must be there on time for them.

10) What happend if I want cancel my booking or change arrival or departure date and time ? Is it free to do so?

If you let us know 24 hours before departure or arrival date & time, we can always cancel or amend your booking free of charge. If you want to cancel, you are welcome to do so, and get full refund. If you let us know 12 hours before, you'll able to get half of the payment. Last then 12 hours, Unfortunately we cant do notting about it becos it is advance booking. You can sale your bokking to others who wants to go airport or coming from airport and get your money from them. Car will be there for you any way.

11) What happens if I make a mistake and booked wrong departure pick up date or time?

Please double check very carefully your departure pick up date and time. Because you give us those details and car is booked for you, we have not taking other customer booking. We lost a transfer day. So we kindly ask you to pay one way transfer fee.

11) What if I booked with your company but a member of my family booked a transfer from a other company for same date and same time. Made a double booking by mistake. What happens then?

Because you made two booking with two company, you must pay for both company. So please make sure, you use just one company and make just one booking.Or please cancel one of the booking 24 hours before flight.


 PS: We love to serve you, and give you the best service as we can. Please remember we work only 3 or 4 months in a year. We have very Busy & Rush hours of work. So please dont take this personel. But When you fill booking form to book your transfer! Please, very carefully double  check: Your Arrival & departure date and times are correct. Check if your hotel is the right location that you booked DLM-MAR or in other location? If its your mistake to write a rong date or time! and we come to pick you up on that date & time but you Just find out it is not the correct date or time, becouse we work as advance booking we will lose a transfer day. If we lose a one way transfer, by your mistake, we kindly ask you to pay for it. We dont wish you to pay for such a mistake, but some body have to pay for it. There for; please carefully double check all details that you give us, is correct. And also please remember, if your flight delays and you let us know update arrival time immedietly, we would happyly wait for you, many hours as it takes, with no extra charge. But if you dont let us know and some time flight time table doesn't show there is delay and we have to pay lots at the aırport car park. First 1 hour car park included in your transfer fee, but after each hour we wait will cost you £5
And also Very rarely, if we're a little late, (5-10 minutes) Please don't panic, just call us right away.  Whatsapp +90 532 565 3948
For us to be little late, it must be, unexpected events may occur. as traffic jam or the roads may be temporarily closed or controlled crossing may occur, as a result of other vehicles being involved in an accident, 

 Thank you for your understanding 

PS: When you booked and confirmed your booking with us. You agree those term and conditions.Thank you for your understanding.